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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Real Life Tonight - Some Seriously Scary Shit (11/17/2016 @ 5:45 PM)

At 5:45 PM tonight there was an epic explosion in the town where I live. This explosion shook the entire town literally, it felt like your house slide right off it's foundation and dropped, then the power went out and then in an erie silence came a deafening blast sound. The entire town of 14,704 residents (according to the 2016 Population Demographics). was out in their cars, riding bicycles and out on foot to see what made such a disturbing feel and sound. Sirens began to ring through the city, emergency vehicles from several near by counties and cities began to pour into the town. As we found lanterns and lights to become mobile we made sure that everyone in the neighborhood was safe and alright as we had, had power restored....Briefly, within that 15 minute window of making sure everyone was alright and safe the power then went our again only this time it would be out for several hours, from 5:55 PM to 8:30 PM there was no power in the area of the City where I live and as of 3:00 AM there is still about 150 residents of my home town without power. By now your wondering what the hell happened....First of all no one knew, not even the police department but we thought we had been bombed, they was contemplating evacuating a gym where there was a basketball game in progress (That was left to the school to decide weather or not to stop the game). When you called the police department you couldn't even get through, there was so many people calling wondering what the hell happened, finally when I was able to get through to the police department I asked them if we were hit by a bomb and if we were needing to evacuate the operator that was trying to answer the phones to help the poor dispatchers said to me "Honey, we don't know what the hell is going on, we don't know if we need to evacuate the city or not just stay attuned to social media via their Facebook page, the local television station they play all local city council meetings and emergency informations like disaster alerts, ESDA, Amber alerts, and the local radio station and the news channels and we will let everyone know the best we can what courses of actions we will be needing to take". I said ok thank you and disconnected my cellphone. Mind you in the background you heard all sorts of discord and panic in the police department and I heard someone say it was a Level 3 Emergency Alarm (this is where I think the bomb came from is the lack of communication and knowledge for what a Level 3 Alarm is but I really don't know because I myself have no idea what it is or means either) My mother and I decided to get in the car and see if we can see what the hell happened. We live about 8 to 10 blocks from the "explosion" so we go trying to see and you can't get any ways near the site. So we parked and was listening to the commotion of passerby's walking frantically to and fro and was hearing all sorts of theories such as bomb, a tanning salon blew up, meth lab explosion. Which none of the above is what actually happened. Granted what happened is just as devastating since there was a fatality, one 60 year old man life flighted to another city thats about a 45 minute drive by car (45 min each way, to and from), 7 were treated and released and 3 others was admitted into our local hospital. Our hospital is not equipt to handle seriously severe injuries because we just don't have that kind of severely hurt people here so they aren't adapt for it. So upon further pursuit for answers we had to finally go grab food from a restaurant because there was no power restored in my area so cooking wasn't an option tonight. We'd seen videos from many people that was willing to share what they captured or was sent and for that we are grateful for them videos (my phone battery faded fast being on social media talking to people and watching video clips that friends and family captured and the fact that I used all of my data so now videos are not smooth, they buffer and its just basically shit to try to load a video when your data is used up and they decrease your data speeds to zero, zilch, nada your screwed no soup for you speed) because it gave us bits and pieces of the damage and where it was approximately....Little did we know that when the news would come on it was a massive natural gas leak that the power company that provides my city with their natural gas and electricity supply was actively working on when the explosion occurred. Thankfully the injured and fatalities was severely reduced due to the fact that this is a city that is resembling of the old fashion "one horse town" because it's like they all close up their shops at 5:00 PM so that reduced alot of the people traffic uptown on the square which is why there was only 11 Injured and one deceased. Several businesses around the square lost their stores and had significant damages to their properties, products and one store belonging to a personal friend of mine was a total loss, him and his wife lost everything because they were directly near the explosion. City officials met at the hospital and broadcast asking the residents to please stay out of the area and to stay at least within 3 blocks of the disaster site as of right now these people are still actively working on trying to piece this all together to get it in order to access buildings and damages, what buildings have now gotten weak foundations and buildings that are not safe for any human to enter. We have many businesses without windows, doors and parking lots that are destroyed not to mention a crater in the ground where a beauty salon and a home health care business sat (both ab liberated from the explosion) We have several Fire, Rescue and police companies in our city tonight trying to aid the city to get it made safe and cleared so that people can start rebuilding their businesses and lives again. I sat on social media talking to several friends since 10:15 PM before going to YouTube and seeing live videos of fireballs falling from the sky, buildings crumbling to the ground, windows, doors and merchandise blowing out of the stores from the gas leak explosion. It's sad because I have lived in this city all of my life and to see people I've been friends with for years lose their businesses and unknown persons lose a loved one and it's the holiday's....A mere 7 days before Thanksgiving and knowing a family is suppose to celebrate happiness and joy of family and friends they are thankful for....How can a family who is burring a loved one be thankful when they are heartbroken over losing a loved one? They can't. What makes matters worse for this family is this guy that was fatally wounded here tonight in this natural gas leak explosion, you know that poor man was incinerated where he stood they have nothing to identify, they have nothing to "celebrate his life" with, even if there is anything left of this man I'm so heartbroken over the family having to see the remains of their loved one, it makes it a million times harder for them. My only hope is for this poor man, that he never knew what hit him that it happened so quick he felt nothing and didn't experience the flash before my eyes end of life. I hope that on the other side his isn't haunted by the visions and any of the burning pain and that it was over before it even began. I don't mean this to be mean or disheartening, I only mean it so that he felt no pain leaving this world so there for he didn't suffer. Before I started to write this blog on tonights events I went back onto YouTube and seen more videos that were posted within the past few hours and learned that the actual explosion happened in the basement of the very building that 41 years earlier was destroyed by a tornado that hit in 1975, The Opera House. I'm a spiritual person but I do not believe in God, I am Wiccan, I believe in Gods and Goddesses and yes, I am a Wiccan White Solitary Witch so I believe that The Opera House is an Omen and that it should be torn down and left and not rebuilt. Let someone buy the property, it would be a good income as it is commercial property and let them build something new there and cleanse the negative energy and vibes from that property. With the events of tonight I think if I were the city I would be doing something more to investigate the mini blasts that goes on in this town from spring to about mid fall because if them are natural gas leak explosions they have produced nothing but a slight kick on the power grids where you lose power on a flicker but its restored just as quick as it was interrupted. I'd be very interested in these mini explosions simply because the one we had here tonight killed a man and injured 10 others and did a hell of alot of damage....Next time the people in this city might suffer so more serious devastation that we have here tonight, this is only the tip of the iceberg, what if this is only a prelude of whats to really come? It would scare me to death to be a city engineer, commissioner, fireman, rescue, police officer and involved in the nursing staff and as a resident of the city itself I too would and am concerned about it already. I was 8 to 10 blocks from it tonight, my friends 16 year old daughter was on the square at JC Penny's prior to the explosion, what if that little girl and her friend was there at just at that time? I'd be with my friend who might have had to bury her babygirl . I mean this could be anyone, it could have been me part of my family or friends and or their children. I made a statement on my Facebook wall tonight basically telling my family and my friends that I am thankful and blessed to have them in my life regardless of the capacity.

 The photos that I will post with be what The Opera House (and square)Looked like after the 1975 tornado.

This was the square in 1975 where The Opera House was and the damage that that tornado did to the upper square.

Now we will see what The Opera House looked like since 2003 to present, well up until 5:45 PM this evening.

Now, I will post a photo of The Opera House so you could see what it looked like earlier today when the town was hustling and bustling prior to the Natural Gas Leak Explosion.
Now I will show you The Opera House Tonight and what photo I have (will try to update them as I can take them and when I am allowed to). They would have a major cow if people was up in there at the present time with them having all the inspectors and environmental people and whoever in the hell that would need to be here right now at the present time for this situation.

 The explosion as it happened. That fire shot up at least 100 or so feet and it was literally raining fire for a very brief period, like less than 5 minutes.

 This is the front of The Opera House where the explosion originated in it's basement. This building is an Omen, its been destroyed 2 times now, I wouldnt rebuild it, I'd just demolish it and sell the lot off it's commercial let someone else buy it and build something else there it might cleanse the lot and no longer be jinxed.

 This is a little closer to the street across from a sporting goods store located behind Scrap Book Dreams.

 The above photo shows the following businesses in the order from left to the right. Scrap Book Dreams, Advanced Sports Medicine, The Opera House, Shandi's (Destroyed and is my friend and hhis wifes business), A Yogo Place, A Hair Salon and a Ritzi Uptown Shop that was going out of business but will prolly collect and just close up shop and above that is 2 or 3 very expensive Park Ave Studio Apartments that was sold for several thousands of dollars, hope the owners had insurance because if they didn't oh thats gonna hurt and not in a good way either, thats getting screwed anally without lube to help you get through it.

Now I will show you what photos I have of my friend who lost his business, there isnt many on this because it's right next door to The Opera House and some of these photos are hard to get when your not allowed up into the heart of the devastation. These are mostly of the back of their business, I'll note the one at the "front" of his store the best that I can for you.

 This is the front of what was once a bar back in the day that was turned into a kick boxing gym.

 This is the back of Advance sports medicine rehab center for sport, muscle and bone injury patients.

 This is the front of the Advanced Sports Medicine Rehab Center and part of The Opera House on the right of the damaged red car that looks like its sitting on the sidewalk under the green awning.

 The debris that you see in the street is part of the display cabinets from my friends record and musical instruments store that if they would have turned the camera just a little more to the right would have shown you his store being badly destroyed. Looking down where it says JC Penney and where the lights are just to the left is the Goodwill store and in that little part that goes deep with lights... All of the businesses in that little deep alley way which goes into a shopping plaza, JC Penney's and the Goodwill all the windows were blown out and shattered everywhere, doors blown off their tracks or off the building in general.

This is the back of The Opera House. To the hard right that twisted wreckage was once a Home Health Care Center and a Beauty Salon

 This is the back of Advanced Sports Medicine, The Opera House & Scrapbook Dreams and a part of the Parking lot that goes into a bar and a Dollar General Stores Parking Lot

This is the street coming off the square by Scrap Book Dreams, across the street that is completely burred in bricks, debris and rubble and cars is a sporting goods store and I think the back part is an auto body shop but I'm not 100% positive of that all without windows or doors due to the explosion that happened just right across the street.

November 16th 2016 This is what I was dealing with in my home city. It's been a very stressful, Scary and heartbreaking evening for me and my entire city.

With there only being 7 day's until Thanksgiving it's hard to be thankful when a family has lost their loved one, my heart goes out to that family. Sending love and light to them during this very dark time.
And please remember.... No matter where you live weather it be a state or another country you too can celebrate Thanksgiving all you have to do is show thanks for your friends and family and celebrate that day. You don't need to be an American to celebrate your family and or friends so be thankful for them and let them know you hold them dear in a special place in your heart. It only goes to show you how uncertain our lives are as there is nothing promised and tomorrow may never come. So live your life to the fullest as if you were already dying.


  1. Good pics! The bar in back was Dago's back in the day. And to answer your question from youtube (comments were shut off so couldn't reply)no I don't live in Canton. I'm down by Shelbyville.

    1. I hope this will go through...Not certain, but will try it. Did you live in Canton before though? I knew someone by the same name but he left for a while and Id heard that he was back around but where I'm not sure. Use to go to a bar that my mom and I (briefly) worked at.

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