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Thursday, November 17, 2016

UPDATE - Natural Gas Explosion that happened last night in the city I live in.

There is currently no update on anything that took place on November 16th regarding the Natural Gas Explosion that happened in the heart of the city I live in, other than.....

From my county's ESDA Office....

ESDA has released damage assessments for the number of downtown buildings affected:48 Buildings are “level 5 – Habitable with few repairs”1 Building “level 6 – Uninhabitable- needs extensive repairs”3 Buildings “level 7 – Total loss”

The local military reserves is still in the city with heavy equipment so that they can get around ground zero with all of the rubble strewn all over that part of the downtown city square.

Ameren is still in the area with all sorts of meters and gadgets scanning buildings in the downtown area we are unaware if it will involve the residential areas to maintain that there is no further leaks...

All I can do is continue to update my blog as I get more information and photos.

I can confirm that after viewing what the City Officials would allow as far as how close the residents were able to drive within a certain parameter limit's without getting too close or in their way we were able to see the Parking Lot between the Dollar General store and the Bar and the parking lot was severally damaged to the point that it broke, separated and in some area's buckled upwards around a large blast surface crater that is at a random guess because I like said we had to stay within the State Police Barricaded Parameters so at a random guess the gaping hole is probably 20 to 30 maybe even more feet deep. They have that parking lot blocked off to keep resident's away from the large cratered area so it is really hard to say that being 20 to 30 feet or more deeper is accurate. As close as we were allowed to get to it was half a city block in distance from   the parking lot so again it is a random guess. We don't know if there were any vehicles blown into the crater by the blast or if there was vehicles parked there when the surface broke, separated and in some area's buckled upwards so we have no information about weather or not there was any vehicles swallowed by this crater, we can only update as knowledge is learned and released but it does seem to be a very tight and a hush ordeal as you will see in what was released by our local paper this morning, there is barely information even there in fact I think I have investigated more of it and got facts on my own without the papers sources  and I have provided alot of information regarding this explosion. I post it on my personal Facebook so my friends can know what is going on and if I find things with video links, I do tend to link them so they can see the events as other residents may have captured it and it goes for the photos also as I post anything I find, thats sent to me. I feel that as a tax paying resident in my city that we the people have the right to know what is going on in our city, regardless of weather anyone else wishes for that information to be out there for the residents to read and see for them selves.

The city is terrified, they want answers so I try to find all the information that I can and post it   to them knowing it will go on a share and it will get out.Now, here are the updated photos that I have. I can't update anything further than photos at this time as there is no other information available to us.

NOTICE: All City, County, State as well as resident names have been removed for privacy purposes. I have also changed some of the actual body and claim no ownership to any of the article. My main concern is regardless of it being Public Information, I feel it is far too much Personal Information to post such content as I chose to change the article and remove the names to preserve that privacy but to not take away from the article it's self.Here's the edited version for viewing in Second Life.Our local news paper only printed vague information....

From our Daily Paper.  At least one person was killed because of a natural-gas explosion Wednesday night in downtown square, authorities said.10 p.m. UPDATE: One fatality has been confirmed and a total of 12 people have been treated by At the local Hospital for injuries.At least one person was killed because of a natural-gas explosion Wednesday night in downtown square, authorities said.The explosion took place just before 6 p.m. in a building along First Avenue, near the city square, according to a spokeswoman for the County's Public Information Office.

As of about 8 p.m., she did not know the building that was the source of the explosion.Several buildings in the area were damaged, according to an ESDA news release. It also stated there was no report of injuries.But the Coroner told News Service Officials that one fatality had been confirmed.Power was out along Locust Street north of the square. On the south edge, power was on and business owners were clearing the sidewalks of broken glass the explosion caused.

At 7 p.m., Ameren reported 541 power outages in the city, according to utility spokesman.

The downtown square was filled with police, firefighters, emergency-service crews and onlookers on a cool evening.

An optician at Bard Optical, 127 N. Main St., was working at the time of the blast.“The lights went out, I heard a big boom and I felt pressure,” said The Bard Optical Optician. He also stated that “The next thing you know, all the glass was broken. I didn’t smell anything.”
The Bard office manager,   was on her supper break down the block.“We thought someone drove into the side of the building,” she said.  

A Resident that lives in a high-rise apartment building about three blocks north of the explosion site. He was watching television with his wife when an exterior flash lit up his apartment.“I was in the military 10 years in field artillery,” The Resident said. “It reminded me of a 200-pound round coming down within a half-mile of me.“My first impression was it was a gas explosion. It was too loud for just a transformer.”

The owner of of N’Style hair salon (about 3 or 4 stores from the blast) said it seemed as if the air had been sucked out of the building, then the lights went out, then there was an explosion. There were customers in the salon, but no one was hurt.

However, witnesses said they saw EMTs assisting people behind the building.

Witnesses also said the explosion was felt as far as 26 miles from the explosion site.

The Salvation Army opened at 9 p.m. Wednesday for those displaced from the explosion.

The local Lumber company in the city also opened its doors for those that needed lumber to board broken windows.

Now for the updated photos, there is about 16 new photos of the Natural Gas Leak Explosion

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