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My Path Is That Of A Solitary White Witch.

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1.) - I won't be searching for feeds on this blog.....
Since this is a spin off of my original blog, this way I am limitless to what I can put on here and do on this blog.

2.) - However I will showcase my sponsors on here out of respect for them since I will be posting my blogs for them here also.

3.) - My Real Life Posts will be in tabs since they won't be continued posts....Real life can't be a continued post anyways and with that said some things that I will post from Second Life will be in tab posts since it isn't a sponsored section.

4.) - This blog allows my freedoms that my other blog wouldn't due to limitations on topics and much more. This will be kind of fun really because you can be interactive with me on this one in a personal sense Second Life wise and to some degree Real Life wise but I will decline if I feel it's too much up in my real life business.

5.) - Let's just see where this takes us. Lets see how the journey goes and in the vast directions it can take us in. I'm sure we can cover all sorts of things.

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I choose to have a media player on my blog(s) but I choose to do so with a very low volume however this one is a little louder it is set at 12 because I am a Metal Head At Heart but the player is visible at all times. The reason for the visible player is so that you the viewer can control the media players volume during your visit. You can turn it up as loud as you wish or even turn it off if you desire. The experience is yours, your in control.

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What Witch Are You?

Types of Witches
(Some may also fit into the second category)

Yes, You Can Identify With More Than One Witch Type.

Solitary - Practicing by ones’ self; not included in a group

Secular - Non-religious / Not connecting with deity(s)

Eclectic - An individual’s practice that has bits and pieces pulled from different magickal and/or spiritual practices, respectfully

(Theistic) Satanic - Witchcraft that is often centered around honoring and/or working with satan in spellwork and prayer

Athiest/Laveyan Satanic - Witchcraft worked with the idea that satan is a concept, rather than a real person or entity (loosely put; it’s a very detailed concept). Also known as Satanic witches who fit the secular description.
Hereditary/Blood - Including oneself in the practice of witchcraft on the grounds of having been born into a family who also practices. Knowledge and practice may also be passed down through generations, and honor old ways of magick
Traditional - One who practices witchcraft by honoring and using old and ‘traditional’ ways of magick; this type of witch might be one to practice modern methods of magick, but they might also stick to traditional concepts or techniques

Christian - Witchcraft that is performed to honor / or is performed in conjunction with the Christian God as the primary and only deity

Hellenic - A form of non-witchcraft practice in which the practicer follows Greek ideals/culture and honors the Greek pantheon

Celtic - Magickal practice that is based from the Celtic culture, including its’ mythology, deities, old ways, and (occasionally) language / symbols. May also describe those who only worship Celtic gods

Science - A form of magick in which both metaphysical ideas and scientific facts/theories are mixed in together by the individual practicer

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