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My Path Is That Of A Solitary White Witch.

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1.) - I won't be searching for feeds on this blog.....
Since this is a spin off of my original blog, this way I am limitless to what I can put on here and do on this blog.

2.) - However I will showcase my sponsors on here out of respect for them since I will be posting my blogs for them here also.

3.) - My Real Life Posts will be in tabs since they won't be continued posts....Real life can't be a continued post anyways and with that said some things that I will post from Second Life will be in tab posts since it isn't a sponsored section.

4.) - This blog allows my freedoms that my other blog wouldn't due to limitations on topics and much more. This will be kind of fun really because you can be interactive with me on this one in a personal sense Second Life wise and to some degree Real Life wise but I will decline if I feel it's too much up in my real life business.

5.) - Let's just see where this takes us. Lets see how the journey goes and in the vast directions it can take us in. I'm sure we can cover all sorts of things.

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I choose to have a media player on my blog(s) but I choose to do so with a very low volume however this one is a little louder it is set at 12 because I am a Metal Head At Heart but the player is visible at all times. The reason for the visible player is so that you the viewer can control the media players volume during your visit. You can turn it up as loud as you wish or even turn it off if you desire. The experience is yours, your in control.

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Merry Meet Friends, Sisters & Brothers!

Some people pirate along to see pages of another Witch's Grimore which is why they visit website and blogs in that genre of blogs. So I will take the foot work out of your happy trotting along hoping and thinking you can pirate Spellwork, spells and witchy notes from my "Virtual Grimore". You will never find any of these listed in this blog. While it is still a Secondlife connected blog it is not a tool for you to bring my work to your mentors saying look at my spellwork.

Another reason you will not find spellwork in this blog is simply because people seek out the one spell you should NEVER use, which is the notorious Love Spells. Sure they work but not quite like you expect or want them too. It conjures the love manifestation but not with the correct persons and when it does Karma is waiting in the wings for its revenge of the X's 3 on the crimes committed....The Love Spell.

Let me explain....

When you conjure the Love Spell to do your bidding for love to manifest between yourself and another person it is done in a manipulated fashion (in other words it isn't a natural love manifestation of two people falling in love because they clicked and enjoy one another's time and company). It's a forced will that manipulates as person (usually not the person you desires only rare occurrences does or if it happens, usually not). You meet another person bearing same name and some traits but it is not the fairytale you envisioned its a living nightmare, as I said Karma joins in on this and you pay for it.

Rule of thumb in magick is.... And Ye Harm Thee None.
What does this mean? Simply You do not use magick to manipulate another living being to do your will. Forcing another person into something they are blindly going into is a form of harm because it is not a natural feeling they feel within their soul.

You can do a Draw Love Onto Me Spell as long is it is of the persons own free will or to seek out your universal lover and bring them in the right direction for you two to meet and strike up that famous conversation that united the sparks between your souls, but this spell isn't the same as a Love Spell.

Moral of this is.... And Ye Harm Thee None.

My blog will not be responsible for someone going off half cocked and manifesting love relationships by using my spellwork as I do not use any type or form of Love conjuring spells and I would advise you to stay clear of them!

None the less you won't find any Spellwork or Magick works of any kind in this blog but you might find pages like the listed in the Navi-bar to give you some tips and ideas of where to start or even how to identify the type of Witch you identify with and your soul connects with.

Also if you are just learning your path please be careful of who you trust with your lessons and mentoring. Not everyone is in it for the right reasons and in the end it is you who will pay the Karmic Cost and Always keep the Rule Of X's 3 in the back of your mind when writing, spellworking and conjuring your spells as the Rule Of X's 3 Is VERY REAL. The lessons the Universe teaches you from the Karmic Laws of X's 3 are very awakening and unmistakable. Do Good and avoid this Rule Of X's 3 and you will be fine.

So, I am sorry if you thought you'd get some really good and new Spellwork ideas or Spells but it isn't going to be found in this blog. Please feel free to ask questions if you wish I will do my best to answer them the best that I can but please keep in mind that I will not take on students or mentoring anyone and I will not answer certain questions because each Witch develops his/her own style and I refuse to step on another Witch's toes so to speak by under minding or over minding his/her teachings.

I hope that within  the pages of this blog you can find something that is helpful to you or even advice if you should need it.

Blessed Be

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